Root Canals in Barre, VT

Root canal therapy, or endodontic therapy, is the last option Dr. Syed in Barre, VT can use to save dying or abscessed teeth. While an abscessed tooth might not be painful, it will gradually deteriorate if it isn't treated quickly. Root canal treatment is different from fillings, which only treat a small area, or crowns that cover the exterior of your tooth. Root canals treats the entire tooth from the inside. This restorative treatment is placed into the nerve chamber extending through the root of your tooth, sealing it off. And thankfully, getting a root canal is more comfortable than ever!

Endodontic Therapy vs. Tooth Removal

Endodontic treatment, or a "root canal", is usually the best alternative to a tooth extraction. Root canals in Barre, Vermont are the last resort when it comes to saving a tooth that has been severely damaged, cracked, or abscessed. Many people don't believe root canals are worth the cost, but endodontic therapy allows you to preserve your natural tooth. Although there are many options for tooth replacement, natural teeth are far superior to any denture, bridge, or implant.

What to Expect When Getting a Root Canal

When Dr. Syed performs a root canal, we'll use local anesthetic to numb the tooth the same way as we would during a filling or crown. You shouldn't feel anything more than a little pressure. Next, we'll remove the infected nerve, clean out and sterilize the remaining hollow chambers in your tooth, then the canals are sealed off to prevent reinfection. A filling material extends through the length of your tooth, including the root. To protect the tooth from wearing down and chipping, a crown will be required. Your recovery will be the same as other routine restorative treatment.

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