Family Dentistry in Barre, VT

A healthy smile is possible only if you have strong foundations to support your teeth. With early detection, most oral diseases are preventable. Barre Dentistry & Implants is focused on providing family dentistry services as well as preventative care to everyone in the family. Our all-ages approach to dentistry is convenient for everyone, no matter how old you are. We are committed to preserving your smile for life with the help of proven prevention-based strategies.

Six Month Checkups and Cleanings

To remove tartar buildup and prevent periodontal infections, don’t forget to schedule your cleaning and exam every six months. During your visit, Dr. Syed will identify any areas that could benefit from a modified dental hygiene plan and check for any issues like decay or gum disease. We’re here to be your partner in dental health, working with you to develop a prevention-based plan that maintains your natural smile for life.

Checkups for Children

Dr. Syed in Barre, VT recommends that you schedule a visit for your child as soon as their first tooth erupts and every six months after that. When your child visits the dentist early, it will help reduce dental anxiety and ensure that they have healthy teeth in the years ahead. To ensure your child is comfortable, we work at your child’s pace and take things slowly. Regular checkups, sealants, and fluoride treatments reduce their risk of decay before it starts.

Early Diagnosis and Screening

Some dental problems can't be seen with the naked eye. Dr. Syed will perform preventative screenings for oral cancer, TMJ issues, bite abnormalities, and inspect your mouth for signs of decay or gum disease. Additionally, we’ll use digital x-rays that allow us to spot decay between teeth, bone loss, and reveal infections while they’re simpler (and more affordable) to intercept.

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At Barre Dentistry & Implants we offer family dentistry services to help our patients stay on track with their check-ups so they can maintane a healthy smile. Contact our Barre family dentist to schedule an appointment.

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