Dental Crowns in Barre, VT

Are you suffering from a worn, severely decayed, or broken tooth? Have you recently had a root canal? You could need a protective dental crown. A crown is a full-coverage restoration that covers the tooth above the gumline.

When a tooth has suffered significant damage or decay and it cannot be repaired with a filling, Dr. Syed in Barre, VT usually recommends dental crowns to restore your tooth’s proper function.

The Treatment Process

The dental crown procedure usually takes place over two appointments in our Barre office. To prepare the tooth for a crown, we’ll numb and gently reshape it to remove the damaged areas and create room for a “cap” to slip over it. Next, we will take a mold and send it off to our lab. While the permanent crown is being made, we'll fit you with temporary crown. About two weeks later, you will return to have the permanent crown tried in and bonded in place.

Crowns Tailored to Your Smile

Your permanent crown will blend in with your smile by being carefully matched to the surrounding tooth enamel. Every restoration Dr. Syed completes is custom-made to fit the specific tooth both in size and shape. That way it isn’t obvious to other people whenever you’re talking or smiling. Barre Dentistry & Implants believes your final crown should last for years and look as natural as possible.

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Teeth with weakened structural integrity, such as those with large cracks or cavities, can’t withstand normal biting pressure day after day. To protect the tooth's remaining structure, a crown will be added to provide additional protection. Crowns are also used on top of dental implants when you need to replace individual teeth.

If you’ve been struggling with broken or severely damaged teeth, visit Dr. Syed in Barre for a consultation. We’ll guide you through the restoration process and find the treatment that’s best for your smile.

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