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Our practice philosophy is to first educate people about their dental health then to serve them with the best care and maintenance possible in a pleasant and nonthreatening environment.

As a caring team of dental health professionals, we are dedicated to providing a full range of dental services with an emphasis on preventive care to people of all ages, using state of the art technology.

We strive to make care accessible by serving patients from 7:00 AM, through the noon hour and until 4:00 PM Tuesday through Friday. On Monday, administrative staff is present 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM to schedule appointments and answer questions. Every attempt is made to see emergencies during office hours the same day we are called.

Testimonial See what our patients have to say

  • This review Is being posted for my father, Steve Knudsen***This was my first visit as a new patient. Dr. Venmar as well as his employees, I feel, are second to none. Advanced equipment and far superior to my previous dentist. Should have followed my wife there years ago. My bad. I got very detailed and to the point instructions on how to care for my teeth that I never got before. My teeth have never felt this clean. Also I have 2 teeth with issues that need attention. A plan is already in place, and well explained, for their repair. Thank's so much I!! Steve

    Casey Knudsen
  • Dr. Venmar & his associates are ultimate professionals. The office runs smooth and is inviting. The Dr. Rick Venmar is the best Dentist I have ever had! He is thorough, personable, & takes pride in his work.

    Peter Shechtel
  • I came to Dr. Venmar ten years ago. My gums were in poor shape. Dr, Venmar immediately referred me to a periodontist. Since then till now periodontist and Dr. Venmar have shared x-rays, hygiene appointments, all of my dental information. Today my gums are stable. I am grateful to Dr. Venmar for steering me in the right direction way back when. it doesn't matter how pretty your teeth are; if your gums are in bad shape, you are going to lose them. Dr. Venmar has provided other services to me including custom whitening trays (perfect fit), repairing cracks in teeth from biting down hard on too many Canadian mints, and slightly shaving down a tooth in front to make to make smile more even. What can't he do? I don't know.

    Vicky Mazur
  • I had a great first visit with Dr. Venmar, he was very informative and knowledgeable . I look forward to a good working relationship .1 recommend this practice to anyone seeking a dentist in the Barre area.

    Michelle Allen
  • Couldn't ask for a better dentist! Him and his staff are awesome because they care about their patients!

    Kay Kuzmik
  • Best dentist in rentra I Vermont! Always there to help when you have an emergency.

    David S.
  • Well, I won't say I loved it, because I'm always a "nervous Nellie' when I go to the dentist! However, you are great at putting up with me and are a superb dentist. You do your best to put me at ease and assure me that "It won't hurt." And it didn't! As I told you, you can't retire until I'm dead, because I don't want to go to anyone else!!. Merry Christmas.

    Mary Casey
  • Would Not go anywhere Else

    Deborah Cousino

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